About Rebecca

I’m a Relationship Coach and I deeply believe relationships are everything.

I am guessing you are here because you’re in a similar place I was a few years back. Possibly feeling anxious, despondent, and also a tiny ember still lit in your heart. A desire for something different.

And if you’re like me back then, you are struggling to find direction. You are not alone.

Today, I’m a relationship coach. Together we will create an alliance as a vehicle to transform your relationships whether with yourself, family, friends, partner. To show you how capable you truly are, your own inner light that sometimes gets lost along the way. It is there!

I have experienced insecurity, lack of purpose, divorce, separation from a child via a therapeutic process and pure hopelessness. I have also played the roles of a codependent-ish, stonewalling, living in denial, worried, scared human. These experiences have become the lessons that deeply connect me to my work as a Relationship Coach. These experiences allow me to support my clients in clarifying what they want (purpose and meaning) in relationship.

I draw on my own resilience to show you what you are capable of achieving, in all your relationships. 

Let me support you in up-levelling your relationships!

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